Vimeo Asks FCC to Ignore Sec. 230 Rulemaking Petition

Says it does not warrant public comment or commission scrutiny

Online video streaming site Vimeo has asked the FCC to “summarily and promptly” dismiss a petition by the Trump Administration asking the FCC to come up with a regime for regulating online speech. 

It said the Administration does not have the authority to ask the FCC for the framework and the FCC does not have the authority to comply.  

In its request,
Vimeo called the petition “retaliation by the highest government official in the country [President Trump] against a private speaker’s unquestionable exercise of free speech.” 

The President issued his executive order on regulating social media following Twitter’s flagging of one of his tweets about mail-in voting being a fraud.

The FCC sought input on the petition Aug. 3, but Vimeo suggests it should not even dignify it with a comment period. 

While the Commission is generally expected to place petitions for rulemaking “promptly” on public notice, and has just done so, it was not necessary to do so here because NTIA’s petition “plainly do[es] not warrant consideration by the Commission,” Vimeo told the FCC. “The petition should be therefore dismissed without need to await comments.”