PlayersTV Announces Six-time NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving, Super Bowl Champion & Entrepreneur Travis Kelce, NBA stars DeAndre Jordan & De’Aaron Fox, and NFL veteran Will Allen as newest investors and partners in the network

Joining 25+ other entrepreneurs in the athlete-owned media network, the group will have the ability to distribute and produce their passion projects ranging from entertainment, gaming and life balance to women’s empowerment and equal rights.

PlayersTV announced today that six-time All-Star and NBA Champion KYRIE IRVING of the Brooklyn Nets is the newest investor and executive of the network dedicated to sports lifestyle and culture entertainment, co-founded by entertainment executives Deron Guidrey and Collin Castellaw, and led by former Tennis Channel Executive Nancy Pingitore as CEO. PlayersTV also announced that Super Bowl Champion and five-time NFL Pro Bowler TRAVIS KELCE of the Kansas City Chiefs, NBA All-Star DEANDRE JORDAN of the Brooklyn Nets and DE’AARON FOX of the Sacramento Kings, and 12-year NFL veteran WILL ALLEN of the Pittsburgh Steelers round out the newest investors and partners in the collective of more than 25+ professional athletes devoted to innovative programming for fans seeking unique aspects of athletes’ lives beyond their sport.

From comedies and documentaries, to reality shows and podcasts, all centered on sports, culture and lifestyle, PlayersTV offers 24/7 fan access and an unparalleled opportunity for brands to advertise and create integrations with its athlete-led content and distribution through an inside look at athlete’s passions, interests, and off-the-field pursuits.

As Chief Visionary Officer (CVO), KYRIE IRVING will collaborate with other PlayersTV investors, executive team and Advisory board to strategize impactful and innovative ways to further the business on a global scale. As an Entrepreneur and an advocate for equality in sports, women’s empowerment, and social justice, Irving will also create and produce content to amplify the voices of marginalized groups.

Irving’s first project “#SAYHERNAME: Breonna Taylor”, aired on PlayersTV last month to great acclaim and called for justice for the 26-year-old who was shot and killed by police in her home.

“PlayersTV sets a solid foundation for future entrepreneurs in sports and entertainment to build content, generate wealth, and own their intellectual property. Whether it’s leveraging this inclusive platform to share black and brown stories, identifying collaborative partnerships, or solidifying various acquisitions to further the business, as CVO, I will push the boundaries of traditional TV, focus on innovation, and connect with our communities,” said KYRIE IRVING.

TRAVIS KELCE, an already successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and multi-year team captain, is excited to join the network as a founding investor and develop content and collaborations within the NFL. Kelce is looking forward to the seamless transition into more creative outlets in the entertainment space and providing that ever elusive platform for other athletes to create and use their voice.

“Utilizing my name recognition to provide that platform for other creative athletes in the NFL who don’t always get the opportunity to create and express their unique individuality is what I’m most looking forward to,” Kelce said. “I’m excited to join the team with these brilliant and creative leaders in sport, especially right now when we all have something to say.”

Additional investors announced today include NBA All-Star DEANDRE JORDAN, the Sacramento Kings’ DE’AARON FOX and NFL veteran WILL ALLEN. Jordan is the founder of Treehouse Media and creator of Mindful Life with DeAndre Jordan, chronicling the star’s plant-based daily adventures as he seeks to live a mindful life, which debuted on PlayersTV in April.

“I’ve personally seen its (PlayersTV) growth in a short time, so it made perfect sense to invest and join this collective of athletes and build a new company while also using my creative side. I’m excited about the new episodes of ‘Mindful Life’ in the works as well as developing new projects for the television network,” said Jordan.

DE’AARON FOX is as widely known in the expanding e-sports and gaming world as he is in the NBA. Beyond his passion as a gamer, Fox is one of the top digital influencers among NBA players with more than 275k YouTube subscribers, and will be creating and producing captivating content for PlayersTV for fans seeking unique gaming content in addition to games of cultural interest like ping pong.

“Players TV is a new innovative concept that allows players to tell our story through a creative lens. I look forward to sharing new content and giving fans insight to my interests outside of basketball,” said Fox.

Will Allen is a successful VC and nonprofit founder. After retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler in 2017, Allen has found his passion helping the community, companies, founders and executives navigate the sports and business world. Allen looks forward to bringing his network and experience to PlayersTV.

“PlayersTV spoke to me, it’s the only dedicated television network for athletes across all sports, women and men, to own their content, share their passion and be a part of the movement. The opportunity to collaborate with other athletes in the boardroom and develop compelling storytelling that you can’t find anywhere else was really appealing. As an investor, PlayersTV’s reach, distribution partnerships, business model, and particularly the revenue strategy are some of the main reasons why I wanted to be involved. The Samsung and ReachTV distribution partnerships as well as the core executive and leadership team are proof of that,” said Allen.

Deron Guidrey, co-founder of PlayersTV is thrilled to see the athlete collective grow to new heights. “Our goal from the beginning was to offer athlete entrepreneurs who have a desire to be investors in emerging technologies and entertainment to join a collective of like-minded individuals in owning and producing content for a TV network that hasn’t been seen before. We are honored to have Kyrie, Travis, DeAndre, De’Aaron and Will as our newest investors and partners at PlayersTV.”

“At the end of the day, PlayersTV is dedicated to amplifying the organic connection between athletes and their fans through high-quality content. As athletes continue to raise the content ceiling, we feel so incredibly fortunate to add creators, trendsetters, and thought leaders like Kyrie, Travis, Will, DeAndre, and De’Aaron to the PTV family,” said Collin Castellaw, co-founder of PlayersTV.

Nancy Pingitore, CEO of PlayersTV, said there are multiple layers of value to the relationship. “As a sports fan and avid viewer, we immediately see the unique entertainment value. As a media executive, the inherent benefits of PlayersTV are also obvious – an opportunity to partner with these athletes on a business level and engage with millions of fans. With Kyrie, Travis, Will, DeAndre, and De’Aaron joining the collective at PlayersTV, we look forward to delivering on their vision and quality content,” said Pingitore.