ACA Connects Will Allow Broadband-Only Members

Applies to new members and current companies dropping traditional cable

In an organizational shift that reflects the growing shift from traditional to over-the-top video, ACA Connects said it will now allow broadband-only companies as members. 

Its members have voted to change the bylaws to allow for that larger tent. Previously, all members had to be defined as a cable operator under FCC definitions. 

The change “makes it possible for broadband-only companies to participate as members in ACA Connects and support its important advocacy on behalf of smaller, independent Internet service providers,” the association said. 

The new provision in the bylaws will allow both new broadband-only members, and for members who move from traditional video to broadband-only to maintain their membership. 


In addition to approving the bylaws change, the ACAC board has re-elected Patricia Jo Boyers, president of BOYCOM Vision and current ACAC Chairman, to another two-term. Mike Bowker, COO of Cable One, was re-elected vice chairman. Both are two-year terms. 


Board members elected to three-year terms were: Shawn Beqaj, VP, regulatory and interconnection at Armstrong Group of Companies (Pa.); John Barrett, director, government relations, Great Plains Communications (Neb.); Diana Block, EVP, Block Communications (Ohio); John Cinelli, president, MetroNet (Ind.); Kathy Ford, SVP, legal affairs, WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone (Colo.); and Tom Larsen, SVP, government and public relations, Mediacom (N.Y.). 

ACAC president Matt Polka gave a shout out to the board and its leadership during the pandemic. “Daily business lives have been upended, whether it’s adopting work-from-home policies, installing emergency gear to increase network capacity or establishing new safety procedures,” he said. “Our members did it all with great skill and deserve the recognition for such a selfless response to COVID-19. We will report to policy leaders on these efforts.”