Katz Networks, NCTC Reach Affiliation Deal

Bounce, Court TV, Court TV Mystery Grit, Laff, Brown Sugar available to 750 operators

The National Cable Television Cooperative reached a multiyear affiliation deal with Katz Networks.

The agreement makes Katz’s networks: Bounce, Court TV, Court TV Mystery, Grit, Laff and streaming service Brown Sugar available to the 750 broadband and cable operators who are part of the NCTC.

“We’re thrilled to strike this agreement with NCTC and we look forward to building strong partnerships with their members,” said Jeffrey Wolf, Chief Distribution Officer, Katz Networks.

Katz. a division of the E.W. Scripps Co., operate mulit-platform networks that target specific demographics. Many of the networks were launched by TV stations as digital broadcast services, but more recently have been available via cable and streaming.