Tech Groups Praise DACA Decision

ITI said there needs to be permanent fix

Tech groups wanting to keep highly skilled workers in country were celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision Thursday (June 18) throwing a wrench into the Trump Administration’s effort to end the DACA program

The Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was an Obama-era executive order that prevented the deportation of undocumented immigrant children–the so-called “Dreamers.” It was later extended to parents of citizens.

“Dreamers are Americans in every way but on paper and want to continue to contribute their talent and entrepreneurial spirit to advance the U.S. economy,” said Jason Oxman, president of tech association ITI. “These young men and women are our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court gives much-needed certainty for these Americans, their families, and businesses. We urge the U.S. Congress to act now and advance a permanent legislative solution to ensure these Americans can continue to contribute to our communities and the U.S. economy.” 

Consumer Technology Association president Gary Shapiro agrees more needs to be done.
“Today’s decision was a step in the right direction, but U.S. immigration law should be modernized,” he said. “CTA will continue to work with Congress to pass bipartisan immigration legislation that strengthens our nation by welcoming those who wish to ensure America is the most prosperous, economically competitive and innovative country in the world.”  

TechNet president Linda Moore also applauded the decision, saying it would allow 650,000 DACA recipients to stay in the country. “Our nation depends on talented professionals like DACA recipients who bring needed skills, innovation, and creative energy to a variety of endeavors. The facts regarding Dreamers are undeniable: more than 70 percent are pursuing or have pursued a bachelors’ degree; more than 90 percent of DACA recipients are currently working, with more than 70 percent of those individuals on the payrolls of Fortune 500 companies,” she said.