Testronic and Witbe Sign Strategic Partnership to Deliver Automated QA and Performance Monitoring to Streaming Service Providers and Platforms

Witbe has developed a technology based on robots replicating users’ behaviours. By using this technology to automate QA testing, Testronic will be able to offer state of the art quality testing capabilities to their customers, by further expanding in-territory testing with easy set up, allowing them to improve the QoE of any digital service.

“Streaming companies are looking to reduce overheads, while still delivering high quality streams. In our continued effort to embrace and leverage automation, we have found that the Witbe technology most effectively suits our needs by delivering more efficient, adaptable and scalable testing and monitoring solutions. It also gives us the ability to test using actual devices in any location without the need for being physically present,” commented Chris Parry, Testronic Vice President of Strategic Partnerhips EMEA. “Combining the Witbe systems with our own automation and manual testing expertise enables us to provide a powerful offer for streaming services the world over, particularly the streaming of live sports and other events, giving valuable and actionable data to our clients.”

Also commenting on the partnership, Witbe’s president, Marie-Véronique Lacaze, said: “I am delighted that Testronic selected Witbe as a strategic partner. This partnership will allow Testronic to provide test automation technologies to content providers and operators worldwide by leveraging Witbe products. We are looking forward to continue enabling Testronic to help their customers deliver the best Quality of Experience possible to their end-users.”

About Testronic

A leader in QA and QC testing services, Testronic’s high standards have been protecting clients and safeguarding the consumer experience since 1998. As the leading global provider of quality assurance, compliance, and localization services for the entertainment industries, including film, television and games, Testronic ensures efficient and secure delivery of the highest quality consumer deliverables. Based in Burbank, CA, with offices in London, UK, Warsaw, Poland, and Santiago, Chile, Testronic offers an unparalleled history of next-generation innovation and service excellence across the entire digital media industry.

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About Witbe

Leading innovation in the Quality of Experience (QoE) industry, Witbe offers an award-winning approach to monitor the QoE delivered to users of any interactive service (telephony, video, web), on any device (PC, smartphone, STB), and through any network (fixed, mobile, OTT).

Since its foundation in 2000, Witbe has continually grown and is now trusted by more than 300 clients in 50 different countries. Broadcasters, Operators, Content Providers & App Developers, all rely on Witbe Robots to ensure flawless services.

Witbe is a public company listed on Euronext Growth (ALWIT.PA) and has offices all around the world, including locations in Paris, New York, San Jose, Denver, Montreal, London, and Singapore.

More info on www.witbe.net

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