Reports: Trump Preps Social Media Executive Order

Press Secretary signals what could be POTUS’ promised ‘big action’

According to reporters traveling with the President back from the aborted SpaceX launch in Florida, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany signaled that the President planned to sign an executive order related to social media.  

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That follows the President’s tweeted threats that he would “close down” over perceived anti-conservative bias and his threat against Twitter that a “Big Action” would follow after Twitter added a fact check link to the President’s tweet that mail-in ballots being anticipated by many states during the pandemic were fraud and an attempt to rig the election. 

She did not say just what the order would be, but elsewhere on Wednesday (May 27), Republican Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) wrote Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to suggest the company might not deserve the Sec. 230 liability shield that social media companies have from liability for how it treats third-party content.  

The section protects Twitter, Facebook and others from civil liability for both removing controversial content and leaving it up. 

Both Democrats and Republicans have recently questioned whether internet giants need that liability shield, which was created to allow those platforms to grow from the garage and dorm room to the board room.